Free Resources: Articles, Tips, Japanese Vocabulary etc.

1. Report “Keep your flowers fresh, longer” – FREE

How to keep clematis fresh longer. Picture from the article on by Ekaterina SeehausIf you work with natural material you are in constant search for methods of “tricking” the nature and delaying decay. In this report we have collected Ikebana teachings about prolonging life of cut plants. You can receive the report “Keep your flowers fresh” here.

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2. List of 70+ essential Janapene terms used in Ikebana – FREE

Please follow this link to receive the Japanese vocabulary document.

3. Complete lesson plan for a Morimono workshop – making arrangements using fruits and vegetables. FREE

Morimono ikebana arrangement red peppers, green cabbage, color contrasts. By Ekaterina Seehaus. Sogetsu school of ikebana
Arrangement with red peppers showing the inside and outside. Contrast of red and green colors.

Morimono step by step lesson plan with illustrations, workshop outline. The aim is to help junior teachers in their first steps, which in turn would lead to more people being introduced to ikebana – our ultimate goal. Happy to help and answer questions if needed!