Services for Ikebana students

1. Report “Keep your flowers fresh, longer” – FREE

How to keep clematis fresh longer. Picture from the article on by Ekaterina SeehausIf you work with natural material you are in constant search for methods of “tricking” the nature and delaying decay. In this report we have collected Ikebana teachings about prolonging life of cut plants. You can receive the report “Keep your flowers fresh” here.

2. Individual Coaching Р97 Euro for 3 sessions

From June 2017 we will offer on-line coaching sessions for Ikebana students. Sessions could cover such topics as preparation for Ikebana exhibitions, client orders or specific techniques. Please e-mail to sign up for the June waiting list and to share your objectives.

All proceeds from the coaching fees will be used for activities popularizing the art of Ikebana.

Note: each month we will accept 3 free of charge “scholarship” students into the coaching program to make sure we provide equal opportunities to people in different regions and income groups. Please apply via e-mail with subject “scholarship” and tell us about your objectives and the reason for the scholarship request.

3. List of 70+ essential Janapene terms used in Ikebana – FREE

Please follow this link to receive the Japanese vocabulary document.