Ikebana group course and individual coaching

Group course

We follow Sogetsu student curriculum. During the lesson we make 2 arrangements. This takes around 1,5 hours.

Location: Grimbergen, Belgium.

Languages: The main language of the course is English. Individual explanations and clarifications could be given in Russian, German, French or Dutch.

Time: Wednesday 9:30 a.m. and Thursday 7:00 p.m. (twice a month: every 1st and 3rd week of the month)

Price: 15 Euro/lesson plus flowers (typically 5-10 Euro).

New classes will start from September. Please sign up by e-mailing ekaterina@ikebanaweb.com


Individual coaching

Individual coaching is typically requested for a specific purpose:

  • preparation for an exhibition,
  • making offers for clients,
  • commercial arrangements,
  • review of designs,
  • finding technical solutions for challenging artistic ideas situations etc.

It is preferable to meet in person for coaching sessions. However, on-line consultation using video collaboration tools (Skype, Facetime etc.) sometimes are suitable depending on the purpose of the consultation.

Typically students find that coaching sessions help them build confidence, give necessary support and reassurance. This is often critical for advanced students who are starting their own independent way in the ikebana world.

In a typical coaching sessions we would go over your design choices. Evaluate how they fit with the exhibition venue. We’d narrow down material selection depending on the duration of the display, season, budget and ease of maintenance, which is especially important for longer expositions.

We also discuss such important aspects as lighting, direction of the flow of viewers, expected number of people, distance, from which the arrangement is likely to be viewed, access (for example whether there is a risk of children touching your arrangement) etc.

If it is your individual exhibition or commercial work, we will go over a checklist for installation, maintenance, removal, disposal, insurance coverage and many more important details.

Price per hour: 38 Euro.

Coaching package of 3 sessions of 1 hour: 97 Euro.

Note: we accept 1 student per month on free of charge basis to make sure people in different economic situations could further their ikebana studies. Please e-mail ekaterina@ikebanaweb.com to apply. Please state clearly your request and use subject line “ikebanaWEB scholarship”.