Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 report by Ekaterina Seehaus

Amaryllis Competition at Chateau de Beloeil

The 2016 report from the Amaryllis Beloeil annual competition in Belgium.

This year we enjoyed the amaryllis viewings over the Easter weekend. This explains the giant Easter egg which was greeting all the visitors at the entrance.

This competition takes place in a nice historical setting of Chateau de Beloeil and (importantly) participants get a decent supply of sponsored amaryllis. What a great combination for those who want to make a bold artistic statement.

Artists are allowed to work in rooms filled with real antiquities – my compliments to the brave organizers. It gives a surreal feeling of time travel. Fresh flowers in the museum-like interior suddenly make it alive as if the inhabitants of the Chateau are just about to arrive for the dinner.

Dining room at Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 – 2nd place small teams. Photo by Ekaterina Seehaus
Dining room at Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 – 2nd place small teams

One of my ikebana friends pointed out that most of the arrangements are quite Baroque. I suppose it is the way it should be to fit into the setting. Still my favorite arrangement was fairly minimalist. Only one color of flowers, clean lines and still very well integrated into the space. Here it is:

Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 - 2nd Place schools by Tuinbouw School Kortrijk
Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 – 2nd place in the schools category by Tuinbouw School Kortrijk

Another item from my personal selection was in the music room arrangement: upside down amaryllis used as notes. I like the visual parallel. And it also makes amaryllis look lighter.

Music room flower arrangement at the event Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 at

Unfortunately, similar to many other arrangements in the event these flowers were not given water supply. I find it a pity. Filling up steams with water and sealing them off with wax could have been a good option in my view.

Here is the the winner of the 1st prize in the large groups category. I guess the judges liked the fact that the flowers were integrated into the furniture pieces and not just used as separate decoration items. But this is only my speculation.

Floral arrangement 1st prize winner at Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 in the big teams category published on
The 1st prize winner at Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 in the big teams category

In 2012 one of the fellow ikebana students also participated in this event and got a 2nd prize in small teams category. I will see if there is enough interest among the ikebanists to form a team and enter into the Amaryllis 2017 competition. You can express your interest either on Facebook or via e-mail The idea would be to make a clean and contemporary arrangement without clashing with the historical interior. Quite a challenge but also a great opportunity to introduce more people to the wonderful art of Ikebana.

To get a flavor of the past few events you can check out a Penterest Amaryllis Beloeil board with several short Youtube videos. It gives a pretty good picture of the spaces to fuel your inspiration.

An outside flower arrangement at Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 - withstanding the wind graciously
An outside flower arrangement at Amaryllis Beloeil 2016 – withstanding the wind graciously

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3D Challenge: Natural Creativity – entries are due in 5 days (Sept 20, 2015)

Good news folks: the deadline for the Natural Creativity Challenge is extended to September 20th. Photos of your arrangements have to be e-mailed to by Sunday evening the latest.

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For those who have missed the original announcement of this challenge here is the link with the description. The entry is free. You need to take a picture of your flower arrangement and e-mail it to no later than September 20.

Good luck and let your creative juices flow! Look forward to receiving your entries.


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