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My ikebana works are published in 2 art books: “Poetical Ikebana” and “Whispering Flowers”. Those are beautiful ikebana books including works of a large group of artists from all over the world. Each time compositions were selected for the books through the blind voting of the groups of experts in the field. This way you get the best selection from a variety of styles.

I highly recommend those books for anybody interested in art in general and specifically in ikebana. They make a great present too. 🙂

They are sold directly from the publisher or can be found on websites like Amazon.

Here are the links to a few regional Amazon pages: Germany, UK and the original

First the – shipping pretty much anywhere and often you could qualify for free shipment within the US:

For those living in the continental Europe Amazon Germany is perhaps the most convenient:

and of course, the overseas neighbors could use the Amazon UK:

Hope you will like those books. Please leave a comment if you have any impressions to share. Would love to hear your opinion!

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